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Every medical practice wants to concentrate on increasing its business by providing the best service and making their patients smile. We want to alleviate physicians and administrators from dealing with insurance companies, and take pride in providing resources to clients that will exceed their expectations.

  • Experienced Coders and Medical Billing staff
  • Efficiency
  • IIncreased profits
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Since 1996, we have managed to acquire a great team of professionals with an understanding of medical billing and the best practices for getting results. Our clients relax in the knowledge that we handle all of the steps to optimize their revenue performance.

What We Do?

Medical billing translates a health care service into a billing claim. As a medical billing company, it is our responsibility to make sure the claim is submitted properly, follow the claim through the process, and make sure the practice receives reimbursement or income for the work the provider performed.

Why Choose Us?

Medical Office Services provides superior comprehensive medical billing that will increase your revenue and reduce the stress of collections. With over 20 years of experience, we have helped our clients to achieve exemplary results.

We offer our prospective clients a no-obligation consultation. After we’ve assessed the situation, we’ll give you a free quote. Whether you choose to work with us or not, you won’t be charged for our time— when we say there are no strings, we mean it!

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